About Us


Carrier Italia has been created by a group of expert managers that have been working for a long time in the telecommunication field, especially in the ethnic field of the wholesale market.

We have focused our efforts towards new goals and new solution in the global communication field.

We respect precise standards of quality and we also guarantee our professional work and the greatest respect for all our clients.

We are partners of the most important international companies and we offer our clients the best rates and deals.

In a market that is expanding rapidly, Carrier Italia represents the ideal partner for all those who want to improve their competitiveness and want a very fast access to all the best technologies.


We develop services and products mainly for national and international operators, resellers and phone shops and all those people that work with phone cards. We launch very innovative products in the market of the telecommunication, which are also very convenient for everyone who needs to communicate with foreign countries.

We can count on our own network infrastructure that we projected and realized to reach high levels of flexibility and safeness. We use the best technologies and equipments to guarantee the highest standards of security and transparency. Our network is spread with more than 100 connections with international and national phone operators. We also have two pops in Milan and London inside the most important international telehouses.

Seriousness, high quality and transparency are the values that guide our work. We consider our clients the biggest resource of this company. We support those clients improving their core business, giving assistance and personalizing the services. All the professional workers of Carrier Italia always try to understand what the clients want and need, working every day to offer the best services.


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